<aside> 💡 Spreading awareness about the COVID-19 situation in a positive and creative manner


🕹ī¸**Click to PLAY Corona Striker NOW🕹ī¸**

Team- Developer: Shivam Ohri, Designer: Pearl Mendonza, Wordsmith: Rinky Elsa Mathew

Tools- Figma, After Effects, Illustrator, Unity

The idea was simple, let's design a simple game that catches users' attention and challenges them. But keeping the context of the pandemic at the center. This case study is about the design decision we took while designing.

âŦ‡ī¸ Flow


The flow is simple, click on start, select the country and start playing. Ends with the lose or win screen.

🔘 Buttons

We designed a simple screen with a game logo and buttons. Now, these buttons were the real challenge for us. Let's look at a typical button layout.

Typical button layout

Typical button layout

A label restricts the information up to language and literacy. We want our game to be Equitable. So people with diverse backgrounds and abilities could use it.