<aside> 💡 Enhancing the customer buying experience so they can make well-informed decisions.


The Buying decision for customers depends on various reasons. In this case study, we will discuss the design decision we took for our retail marketplace- Fynd, so our users can take an informed buying decision.

Domain : 🛒 Ecommerce

Device Touchpoints: 🖥️ Web Portal, 📱 Android(10M+) and 📱 iOS

💄 Try-on


As our category expands, we now have beauty products like lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. If we look buying journey for these, trying out is an influential factor.

With the advancement of tech, many AR tools let us do this in virtual reality. We got our own GlamAR, a product to try out beauty product virtual.

Now the challenge is to introduce this try-out feature on our platform.

After few observations, we find out two user behavior-

🏁 Where to start with?

We keep this feature on our PDP(Product Description Page) along with other attributes like images, video, etc where the user is looking for product details.


But how will user know about it?

We try a different layout for this. After testing, we find the one which works best for us.