<aside> 💡 Motivating users to practice Social Distancing via Hyper-Casual game


Team- Developer: Shivam Ohri, Designer: Pearl Mendonza, Wordsmith: Rinky Elsa Mathew

Tools- Figma, After Effects, Illustrator, Unity

🎬 How is started?


We have designed Corona Striker- a hyper-casual game to educate users about the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it was a time when locked down started to uplift and people are getting out of their homes. So it's time to motivate users to practice Social Distancing.

🎯 Objective

Create an engaging experience to inform the user about the importance of social distancing.

🙂 Keep it Simple

We want our users to play it straight away with minimum hindrance. So no downloading is required. The user just has to click on the link and start playing it right away. No login, registration, installation— just tap and Play

🕹️ So what is Hyper-Causal Game?

A hyper-casual game is a game that offers instant and minimalistic gameplay, has simple mechanics, repetitive, and has no time constraints. Hyper-casual games tend to have an appealing and entertaining design to engage the user. In addition, they need to offer a satisfactory progression model so that the user will keep playing.

Games try to grab your attention right in the story.

🤔 Why Game?

A fun way to create an impact by reaching, entertaining and educating millions of users via their mobile devices.