<aside> 💡 Identifying the retailer's problem in wholesale buying and looking for the best possible solution.


The wholesale marketplace (B2B) has a niche for their problem and those are different from retail e-commerce (B2C). In this case study, I will discuss the design decision taken to solve the retailer's pain point while buying in bulk.

Domain : 🛒 Ecommerce

Device Touchpoints: 🖥️ Web Portal, 📱 Android(50K+) and 📱 iOS( )


What is Uniket? :

Uniket is one-stop platform for retailers to stock up shop directly from Manufacturers & Wholesalers. The word is drive from "Universal" and "Market"

Uniket Loader

Uniket Loader

Motion is magic. To create a delightful user experience, we animated our logo and used it as a loader.

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